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Divya Rosin is the pioneer of highest quality Gum Rosin & Turpentine Oil manufacturing industry in Nepal and guarantees utmost quality of products.

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Nepal Rosin and Turpentine Limited was established & operated in 1987 as a Limited Liability Company by then His Majesty's Government of Nepal (HMG/N) with the financial & technical assistance from the former USSR. HMG/N also had made an investment through its Ministry of Finance and Forest Product Development Board. The plant was designed by the ZNILCH works at Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
It was privatized by Nepal Government in April, 2007 through competitive bidding under the privatizations scheme and is currently known as Divya Rosin and Turpentine Pvt. Ltd. after acquisition.


Since the acquisition, Divya Rosin has employed numerous quality oriented team of people and has increased the production of resin to 2800 Metric Tons.
It has installed capacity of 8000 Metric Tons plants located at two different locations, Attariya (Far Western region of Nepal) & Biratnagar (Eastern region of Nepal) which can cover all Resins produced from East to West of Nepal. The factories are located nearest to delivery locations outside Nepal.
The company is managed with Corporate Governance by reputed Board of Directors, General Manager along with different departments & stake holders.

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Divya Rosin is the producers of two of the most versatile pure industrial raw materials Gum Rosin and Turpentine Oil required by numerous industries today, which we manufacture with the help of professional team of people working in different departments moving towards the same direction of producing its quality products.

The biggest value proposition we are adding is by collecting the Organic Resins from live pine trees of Nepal every year in a sustainable manner with environmental considerations and as per the guidelines issued by the regulator (i.e. Ministry of Forest of Nepal).

This raw product of tree is given naturally by matured pine trees available in the middle range of mountainous region of Nepal.

It is then transported from the jungle to the factory and then processed to make Gum Rosin and Turpentine oil in its state of art & modern steam plant. The raw Resins went through six stage filtration, softening at 65 degree to 72 degree Celsius.

Further the final products are tested for quality at its own sophisticated laboratories established at plant site before delivery to its customers.

We export pure Gum Rosin & Turpentine oil outside of Nepal as per the customer's demand.


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